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How Medical Cannabis Is Helping Fix the USA Opioid Crisis and Big Pharma is Scared

28 October 2017 –
Melbourne Australia
Loren W

800 scaryHere in Australia, Cannabis for Medical Use is illegal. – This because of Big Pharma lobbying. However, the Australian Government recently legalized medical Cannabis but then changed the definition of Cannabis in Australia again at the behest of #BigPharma.
The outcome now is that Medical Cannabis can include plants similar to Cannabis, synthetic Cannabis, and per new laws in 2016 even synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl/ Subsys the synthetic Opioid that the singer Prince sadly died of, in 2016 and part of the opioid crisis in the USA.

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What does the opioid crisis in the USA have to do with Australia? – good question.
Australia produces a majority  (60%)  of the legal opium poppies in the world for products like morphine etc. An industry worth billions and a consultant to the war on drugs in Australia.

Recently in late 2016 INSYS a USA based pharmaceutical giant, donated millions against companies and states in the USA to prevent the legalisation of Cannabis for Medical use, as it risks their market share.

In Australia,  INSYS impacted our laws so that as mentioned, Medical Cannabis can include synthetic opioids like Fentanyl (also known as Subsys). –  That success has helped them play out their agenda in the USA,  especially in USA states with less lobbying for legal medical Cannabis use.

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Cannabis Use Helping Opioid Addiction

In layman’s terms,  the human receptors that are impacted when opioids are used, work better, when used with Cannabis. Likewise when using Cannabis and opioids together, removing opioids out of the equation due to addiction especially is easier. The ironic joke, of course, is that Cannabis turns out to be a “good” gateway drug helping many get off of opiate use. Also, opiate use is less where Medical Cannabis is available.

In an article on the subject;

Dr. Sanjay Gupta an American neurosurgeon and media reporter, that serves as associate chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and as assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine, has become an outspoken supporter of medical Cannabis after seeing how well it works.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Talks Truth, Immorality, Opioids and “Weed” 4

“Dr. Gupta sees a benefit to using medicinal marijuana for those patients caught up in the opioid epidemic. “Sometimes it’s a result of an injured nerve and that’s very hard pain to treat and opioids aren’t particularly good at treating that kind of pain. Not only do I think that medical marijuana can be helpful in reducing opioid dependence and aiding first time users, but I also think it can actually be helpful in treating a type of pain that opioids just aren’t that good at treating. It’s doing something that the existing ladder of treatments doesn’t do very well.”

INSYS is now getting synthetic Cannabis approved in the USA that is dangerous where real Cannabis for medical use is not. Experts say this is to just further their monopoly on the suffering they have caused already, with synthetic opioids.

The Solution –  Many Veterans in the USA are moving from synthetic opioids to medical cannabis or complimenting the use of both to reduce the opioid use.  The trouble is this is not funded by the VA that could save millions in costs of synthetic opioids and their side effects.

A new study explains it quite well.

93% of Patients Prefer Cannabis Over Opioids For Managing Pain, According to New Study

Many other stories on how Cannabis is better than or works better than Opioids alone. But the USA government and Australia have to address their own funding and impact of either reducing or increasing the opioid problem Cannabis for Medical use is working even if the governments continue to make it illegal.

Weed vs Opioids: Which Is Better For Pain?





Why Australia’s New Pharma Cannabis Stock Bubble Will Burst in 2017 / 2018

11 July 2017
Melbourne, Australia

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Well, the top level story is pretty simple. The Australia government has created a new industry based on lies, deceit, and or lack of transparency. This has stimulated an industry wanting to capitalise on the new Australia Cannabis gold / green rush.

The only problem is investors risk losing greatly when global laws, like those in the USA, Canada, Jamaica, Portugal, Uruguay, South Africa, Mexico etc catch up to the Australian Government, with someof these bieng part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Some are already in the Senate and due for a debate and vote soon, something the mainstream media (MSM) is ignoring.

Even perhaps the UN Acts that Australia is hiding behind are a risk, unlike the countries

mentioned above that either ignore the UN Acts, or simply make amendments to them so they can appear to comply to these now out-dated guidelines, that many have said for decades Australia is ministering on purpose.

Bubbles in a stock price can be based on vaporwave something that does not exist, but in Australia’s case, the Government has created the fake industry.

How Did This Happen? –

  • In 2014 Government in multiple states and federally promised medical Cannabis for the sick.
  • Then in 2015, a survey showed 94% of Australians supported medical Cannabis. The government freaked out.
  • Then spent the rest of 2015, and 2016 introducing new laws and new penalties against Cannabis federally and in the states, redefining what medical Cannabis is, redefining what hemp is, even revoking legal state licenses. All of this so Australia politicians can be seen to be fulfilling campaign promises to offer medical cannabis but making sure no one got access. Something the Australia population is only beginning to understand as “Medical Cannabis” products are being imported from Canada that most have never heard of or want in their native source country.

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  • DEFINING THE BUBBLE – WHAT IS MEDICAL CANNABIS? – Outside of Australia, it is the plant genus Cannabis L. that typically is 15% THC and 1% or less CBD. However, in 2016, multiple bills in Australia changed the definition of Cannabis to a bucket of pharma. This includes synthetics, GMO, hemp, CBD and other pharmaceuticals that contain no THC so are not Cannabis but are industrial hemp, and in the case of synthetics not even from a plant. Note: Though hemp and cannabis/marijuana are both Cannabis L, it is worth noting that Cannabis with no THC is genetically different even if the genus is the same. We know this by the work of a Dr Page on the Cannabis genome.

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DEFINITIONS – CREATING THE BUBBLE?  – By redefining Medical Cannabis this way to include only 2 groups in Australia Recreational Cannabis and EVERYTHING ELSE – This means products called CBD elsewhere are called Medical Cannabis in Australia, same goes for Synthetics, GMO, hemp and other pharmaceuticals, all called Medical Cannabis in Australia.

cannabis timeline to november 2017.png

LICENSING – The bubble is formed – Under the new ODC (Office of Drug Control) 2016 guidelines, licenses are only offered where there is “demand” or for R&D. “Demand” is defined is where legal conditions are allowed for legal products. This means as there are no conditions where Cannabis with THC is legal, then per the Government, there is no legal demand for Cannabis with THC (real Cannabis). Again this means the only legal medical Cannabis is not Cannabis but hemp. When the ODC was asked by yours truly if it should not be called, “Medical hemp and not Medical Cannabis”  I was told in writing and face to face,

“The definitional problem is not about the levels of THC, but rather about purpose. If a crop is grown for medicinal purposes, then it is subject to regulation by the Office of Drug Control, regardless of THC level.” – Bill Turner ODC

This was then defined into law, in 2016 in various states.

leb 1 straya.jpg

THE BUBBLE GROWS – First government said they were now growing Cannabis, then they said they were testing the cannabis but to speed things along the would now import medical cannabis from Canada. So now any company, that has interests, in hemp, GMO, synthetics, CBD, or other pharmaceuticals that are now defined as medical Cannabis then there is a market for those products and the bubble is formed.


GOVERNMENT INTEREST AND DILEMMA – The pharmaceutical industry has been well embedded as part of government since way before the poppy industry. The current pharma industry turnover is estimated to be worth $AUD 28.5billion annually in 2017. With 90% of OTC (over the counter) sales and prescription sales being roughly 90% for pain, and mirroring the 90% use of Medical Cannabis in countries like Canada, USA & Spain. Further data shows that a growing amount of that 90% using Medical Cannabis for pain do so for arthritic pain, and that is growing also do to an aging population.

While the real Cannabis market is expected to be worth $9.6Billion in the USA by 2020 per investment group Archview as reported by the SMH, the Australia Industry Market is at great risk from medical Cannabis. Even the Prime Minister is touched by this as Mrs Turnbull is chairman of a biotech pharmaceutical company that one of their main money makers is a product to treat melanoma (skin cancer) which was the main reason Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) was initially introduced. RSO pretty much set the dosing protocol for Cannabis treatment with 1gm a day of cannabinoids being the suggested treatment. This 1gm would typically include 70% THC and 1% CBD, beginning life as a 15% THC to <2% CBD that when converted to oil becomes the 70:1 potency used in RSO oil for a full dose.


THE TRUTH IS STILL HERE – So now there is an entire industry formed and continues to form to support the needs of the patient that is allowed legal “medical cannabis” (but none with real Cannabis). Some estimate it will be 10 years before Medical Cannabis with Cannabis is legal others say it could be 12 months or less. With Australia’s first Cannabis bill in the Senate in NSW, if it becomes law, it means 2 important things.

  1. Medical Cannabis would contain Cannabis, and
  2. The new laws would enable a legal demand for real Cannabis for the first time.
  3. It means that where 100% of what is legal becomes 1-5% of what is actually wanted or required



Companies that have all their Cannabis investment eggs in the Australia basket are typically anti-cannabis but involved with CBD, synthetic, GMO, pharma, or hemp will see an instant impact when folks learn the truth. This happens when laws for real Cannabis are passed, realised when products sold as having THC and CBD imported from Canada are extreme low dosages 1/30th or less of an RSO dosage, thus costing $7000 a month, and $350 a bottle requiring a bottle a day.  The new products were hailed as being cheaper than existing products but fail to address their very low potency that is not a natural product.

Many Companies are having to invest heavily for 1 year licenses that need sometimes a 5 year ROI (return on investment) they are counting on renewing their licenses on an annual basis, but if demand is reduced by 95% when laws change or the public become aware, then that demand could equally be reduced by 95%. Many of these businesses are tied to investments and stock prices. Some companies will spend millions on security for a product that could lose demand by 95% in the next 12 months alone.


Cannoperations Pty Ltd (Cann Group), Stemcell United, MMJ Phytotech, AusCann, Zelda, MGC, Tasmanian Botanic, AusCann, MediFarm, Queensland Bauxite, The Hydroponics Company (THC), EcoFibre, Lambert Hemp, UIC, ACL and others . Are they pro pharma or pro-patient (supporting real Cannabis products with THC over 10%)

shell 2.png

THE PHARMA MISDIRECTION – As we see new products meeting Australia standards entering the marketplace, it is worth noting the deception. One brand mentions their product is 18% THC and less than 1% CBD, yet does not get you high, how is this possible? A close look shows that the product is an isolate. It started life as Cannabis but then it is so diluted and dissected that a whole bottle is equal to 1gm or 1000mg of Cannabinoid. Real Cannabis products would be 30,000mg or 30gm per bottle with the dosage being 1gm a day or less depending on the condition. – Pharma and importers are failing to address this.

 WHAT STOCKS / COMPANIES SURVIVE / DO BEST – If a law passed tomorrow, that legalised real Cannabis, then the demand for the current legal Medical Cannabis potentially goes away by 90-95%. What would survive would be those that had R&D cannabis in the ground or available, that people would want or those that survive offering full spectrum Cannabis that was CBD dominant, but with THC above 1%, an actual growing market trend globally.

Fixing The Laws – Supporting an existing Bill – Currently,  in NSW there is a framework Bill that legalises Cannabis for those with serious illnesses. It is a more relaxed view of the current laws supporting patients and not Pharma interests. It does not address the many problems in other bills but does a few smart things also. 1) Creates a legal  “demand” for real Cannabis products, vs pharma. 2) Protects patients, allows grow your own, make your own medicine, nominate a caregiver, or buy from the black market while supply is worked out. 3) Bypasses the process or need for the TGA for medicine, as the TGA is federal. 4) Creates a framework used in other countries but can be cut and paste into other states also.

Possible Constitutional Challenges – As most ignore the many new laws and bills against Cannabis patients, that passed in 2016, they even more so ignore, the 1974 era Royal Commission on Drugs. The writings of this focused that the UN Act, on Cannabis addresses the prevention of trafficking, not personal use or medical use. The summation was that Australia is hiding behind the Act and choosing to misinterpret and incorrectly enforce laws based on it. Now 43 years later we see Canada, USA, Jamaica, South Africa, Israel, Netherlands, Mexico, and others either amend the Act or ignore it. It has been suggested for some time that a fresh interpretation of C109 and c117 of the Australian constitution offers good directions in the lack of uniformity in laws and prejudice against what state or even how large you are in respect to saliva testing are all worthy of being addressed.

Targeting Legal Challenges – One of my idols, / mentors into Cannabis Law Reform is Keith Stroup NORML. He said it well, “It is about wins, small wins or big wins, you need to chip away at the laws”. Rallys and protests are fine but they are part of the journey, not the end.

To fix the laws, funding or crowdsourcing funding for those legal challenges if needed but they need to be about patient rights, not pharma rights and protection. 

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Death by Non-Cannabis Blamed on Cannabis

18 January
Melbourne Australia

The medicine involved is a so-called FAAH inhibitor that works by targeting the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is also responsible for the human response to many drugs such as paracetamol.

500 posion

Drugs such as paracetamol the worlds most common household medicine targets the human ECS (called the human endocannbinoid system or endogenous cannabinoid system) much ignored by the media, but poisons a person requiring hospitalization in Australia 150 times a week.

However, the world’s anti Cannabis brigade, (with a strong following by the Australia Government) and sloppy media are missing something in their souls of lies and deceit. Proof once and for all Cannabis kills, either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately it will never happen. This person killed this person and they were using Cannabis is the headline we have seen recently. “Yes but they were using PCP, alcohol, heroin, had a history of mental disorder, that likely Cannabis was the thing stopping them from snapping earlier”. That part was not reported.

inbi times

In 1968 when THC (a cannabinoid in Cannabis) was discovered, another thing was discovered at the same time, if you took all the elements / compounds in a natural plant like Cannabis, and used some not all of them.. unintended consequences happened. This lead to the discovery of the entourage effect, saying just that. Also it was discovered humans in our very DNA have receptors in our bodies making up the ECS (called the human endocannbinoid system or endogenous cannabinoid system)

A lot of money is being spent on research on drugs that target the human ECS, big pharma realizing Cannabis is a political issue, and hard to patent, they are focusing on other compounds that only have one thing in common, they work on the human ECS system. Even the team that discovered THC in 1968 and the ECS itself in 2011, are now focusing 100% on non cannabis foods that focus 100% on the ECS. http://www.phytecs.com/what-we-do/

Note: if anyone sees media reporting poorly on this story where  a non-relationship of  Cannabis is being highlighted as something to do with the French trials, please let me know here or on Facebook. I will let the 180,000 twitter followers decide if it is important 🙂